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The Bamboo Smacker with Holes

Bamboo is light in weight but super hard.  Add holes and make it only 12 inches long and you'll give a sensation they won't soon forget! $66
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The Broad Smacker

Designed to cover a broader area than the other paddles, this shape started out as a special order. We liked it so much we decided to add it to our catalog. Handmade of hickory, the width is a full 5 inches, it's 16 inches long and
about 1/2 inch thick. Perfect for the full-figured mischief-maker.  $49
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The Bubinga Smacker with Holes  

Heavier and even harder than bamboo, Bubinga, even in the ultra-portable
Smacker size, packs a heck of a wallop. $72

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The Stinger Smacker

You're not going to get any thud from this Smacker--just lots of sting because
Walt makes it from ultra-light wood.  $43

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The Stinger Sweet Spot

You won't believe the sting that these well-named Stingers will give. 
Howling will be heard!   $43

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The Stinger Paddleball

You won't get (or give) any thud from this Stinger either--just lots of sting because it's also made from ultra-light wood.  $43

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The Burner

We've had many requests over the years for very thin paddles and Walt has resisted because very thin solid wood can split from impact. . But now he has created an paddle of plywood that is ultra-thin but won't split on impact! 
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The Attitude Adjuster

An Ash Ruler with the words "Attitude Adjuster" beautifully laser-engraved.  Remind them of the reason.....  $64   Buy Now

Spanking Paddle with holes made of Hickory

Hickory Spanking Paddle With Holes

Ever hear of a hickory stick? Surely those schoolmasters of old had a good reason for using hickory, with its hard, tight grain.   $54    

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The Bamboo Ruler

The narrowness of the Ruler shape makes your aim perfect and the 18-inch length lets you cover a lot of area, but the worst part is the horrible sting of bamboo.  $59

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Ash Smacker With Holes

The Ash Smacker is one of our most popular paddles.  The wood is extremely hard and if you have Walt add 8 holes to this little powerhouse, you're going to hear some yelling, I guarantee It!    $48  Buy Now

Purpleheart Little Zinger

Purpleheart is an extremely hard wood and when you combine the sting of the hard wood with the diminutive size of the Little Zinger, I'll guarantee that whoever gets the benefit of this one will think they sat down on a whole nest of yellow jackets!  $52     Buy Now

Padauk Smacker with Holes

Padauk has a mean sting—make it the Smacker size and add holes and you'll have to get some earplugs. Not to mention it is a beautiful, sexy-looking implement. Add one to your toy box and you'll get raves!   $62   Buy Now

The Brute in Bamboo

The Bamboo're just not gonna believe what this punisher can do!   $74 

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Custom Laser Engraving

You can have your name, your slogan or whatever you want on any paddle you like.  Price for one line is only $30....and an additional line adds only $10.  Just email us and tell us exactly what you want to say.  Buy Now

The Bamboo Bootie Warmer

Here's what one of our paddlers said about the Bamboo Paddle, 'With  Bamboo, you truly get more with less swing.'  Click here to read what a recipient of the burn of the Bamboo Paddle said about it. $59 for the 16-inch Paddle or $56 for the Bamboo Smacker.       Buy Now

The Padauk Spanking Paddles

A unique orange-colored wood from Africa that is hard and so will give lots of sting.  You can have it in the 16-inch Paddle for $54, or the12-inch Padauk Smacker for $49.

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Bubinga Mister Dude

Named by one of our wonderful UK paddles buyers, Mister Dude is truly a 'bad dude' and intimidating just to look at.  It's a spin-off of the Little Zinger, but there is NOTHING  little about Mister Dude.  Nor is a zing what the unfortunate bottom gets from a lick with this heavy dude!  Mister Dude has huge thud as well as murderous sting.  You truly don't want to feel this one on your backside, I promise. $64

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Mahogany Sweet Spot

Elegant beautifully-grained mahogany for giving special attention to that special sweet spot....$42

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The Black Walnut Smacker

The smacker is ultimately portable but still incredibly good at its job.
This spanking paddle can play lots of roles...  $47

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The PurpleHeart Ruler

I made several of these spanking paddles for the show at Shadow Lane in Feburary and they all got snapped up in a hurry--after being tried out in person, of course. Everyone said they were extremely sting-y and they liked the sexy looks of them too.  $52                           Buy Now

The Ash Smacker

Crafted from one of the hardest woods known to man, this efficient spanking paddle will bring out the OTK artist in you!  Plus, everybody who is into spanking needs an Ash Smacker! $39     Buy Now               

The Ash Ruler

The ash ruler is a hard spanking paddle to beat--it has a sting like no other! $39  
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Black Walnut Hairbrush

Swat a lick with this little hairbrush-shaped spanking paddle and the recipient will surely not forget it soon! $47
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The Bubinga Ruler

The recipient of a wallop from this beautiful but effective spanking paddle will stand up (for sure) and take notice...  $62      Buy Now

The Mahogany Smacker

Made in the popular 12-inch long Smacker shape--this beautiful spanking paddle is made in elegant mahogany. $42  Buy Now

The Hickory Smacker

This Smacker size is much lighter and more portable than our regular-sized frat paddles, yet it's no less potent. $38         Buy Now

The Bubinga Spanking Paddle

The grain pattern of this wood is magnificent.  The one that feels the heat of this implement won't forget it soon!      $64        Buy Now

The Bubinga Smacker

Beautiful, portable, efficient...A few licks with this one and the cheeks will be rosy!  $62  Buy Now 

The Deep Purple Passion Paddle

Made of exotic Purpleheart Wood, purple is the natural color of the heart wood of the tree. Bring out the roses in those cheeks with something really special!       $53      Buy Now

The Bubinga Sweet Spot

I just had to make a sweet spot of this Fabulous Wood-- it is so beautiful! $64 

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The Hickory Sweet Spot

Hickory has a tight, hard grain and the proportions and size of this paddle make it perfect for giving that sweet spot plenty of attention.
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The Hickory Paddleball Paddle

This shape started out as a kid's toy with a little rubber ball attached by an elastic. Guess when the child misbehaved, this paddle was handy and it suddenly changed from a toy to a tool of discipline.  $44   Buy Now

The Black Beauty

Black Walnut is a sexy and sensuous hardwood and would make an elegant addition to your toy box.  $51 

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The Black Walnut Sweet Spot

Walt said that he just had to make a Sweet Spot attention giver (and getter) from this silky, sexy hardwood.  $47   Buy Now 

The Brute

Walt did a custom order that inspired the size of this big boy... $54  

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Hickory Hairbrush Paddle

Throughout history hairbrushes have probably blistered millions of bottoms.  $39   Buy Now

Ash Spanking Paddle

Ash is one of the hardest woods known to man, so if you want to hear begging (for more or less!!) add this one to your collection. $39
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Ash Spanking Paddle With Holes

Even more effective than its cousin above because the eight holes add speed, fear and lots of sting.  $49 
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Spanking Paddle made of Hickory

Hickory Spanking Paddle

Hickory is a hardwood you don't come across every day, but it has a distinctive, lovely grain and will give millions of lickins & not quit.  $41
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The Hickory Little Zinger

The Little Zinger is my own invention and there doesn't exist a paddle that has more sting or is easier to aim.  With this little toy you can put (or have) the burn exactly where you want it.   $39   Buy Now 

Mahogany Spanking Paddle

Mahogany Spanking Paddle

The lovely fine grain of mahogany makes this one of our most beautiful spanking paddles, but it doesn't bend over when it comes to striking while the iron is hot!   $45    Buy Now

Mahogany Smacker

Just a couple of licks with this petite powerhouse and they'll be singing a different tune...$42    Buy Now 

Oak Spanking Paddle With Holes

Classic oak woodgrain with smoothly beveled holes for more speed and huge sting. $53
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Oak Spanking Paddle

Oak Spanking Paddle

Oak is classic. You won't find a better all-purpose paddle.  This will become one of your favorites! $43

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Oak Hairbrush Spanking Paddle

Oak Hairbrush Spanking Paddle

Just the shape is enough to incite a healthy fear, but when you add the heft, you have a real bootie burner--and a winner! $39    
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Oak Little Zinger Spanking Paddle

Oak Little Zinger Spanking Paddle

This bootie warmer is a cute little thing and its small size belies the fact that it has a sting like a handful of yellow jackets.  $42  Buy Now

Black Walnut Little Zinger Spanking Paddle

Black Walnut is a silky, sensuous hardwood you don't see often but when the recipient sees this coming the second time...... $47
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Shipping:  Shipping to the 50 US states and their possissions is always FREE! We ship by the US Postal Service exclusively which takes only about three to five days to arrive anywhere in the US.  Unless I tell you otherwise, I'll ship your spanking paddle to you within one to three days after I receive your payment. We try very hard to keep everything in stock, but occasionally we won't have what you ordered ready to go immediately.  When that happens, I'll let you know right away when you should have it. When I order something, I like it when I don't have to wait a long time to get it, so I figure you will too. Shipping of spanking paddles to Western Europe, Canada and Australia is available as well at extremely reasonable rates--see details in the shopping cart!

Packaging: All paddles are packed in such a manner that no one would ever be able to tell what was inside before the package is opened.  There are no giveaway markings on the outside of the package.

Quality and Workmanship:  Since all of our spanking paddles are handmade by Walt, there will be some differences in size, color and grain configuration from one paddle to the next. This should not be taken as a defect. As in anything handmade, the beauty and value are in the uniqueness of every piece created.   If I say a spanking paddle is made of solid ash, it will be made of solid ash. Walt uses only solid woods to create your paddle and all edges are sanded smooth and slightly rounded before several coats of non-yellowing lacquer are applied for an incredibly smooth finish.  Holes in spanking paddles are beveled on both sides of the paddle. Walt makes every paddle with his own hands so we can do special orders if you want something you don't see here.  If you have questions about anything on this site, just email Linda.

Paddle Dimensions and Sizes:  I've listed all the shapes with their dimensions here.

My Guarantee:  If you are not completely satisfied with one of our spanking paddles, just get in touch with me first and you may return it for a full refund of your purchase price or an exchange with no hassles.  The only thing I will ask is what you didn't like about it.


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